Partnership between RFID Lab and GS1

University of Parma and GS1 Netherlands partner to research RFID adoption in apparel and fashion retail.

The RFID Lab and GS1 Netherlands enter an international partnership to gain validated insight into the application of RFID by Dutch apparel and fashion retailers. The collaboration will focus on collecting and analysing data from GS1 Netherlands members and benchmark this data with the results of the “RFID Barometer in Retail”.

Today’s global and omni-channel retail market demands continuous improvement of the supply chain. RFID technology is playing an increasingly important role in the effort to improve operational efficiencies and boost business processes, especially in the fashion and apparel retail industry.

Over the next coming month, GS1 Netherlands and the RFID lab of the University of Parma join forces to analyse the RFID adoption by Dutch fashion and apparel retailers and brands. The RFID Lab will share with GS1 Netherlands research methods and best practices. GS1 Netherlands will collect RFID data from its Dutch members and share it with the research team of the RFID lab. The data will then be analysed and benchmarked against the lab’s RFID database.

The analyses of the data will produce significant statistics about use cases tackled, the RFID deployment status (feasibility studies, PoC, Pilots, phase or full deployments), time distribution, suppliers and integrators, the benefits achieved and the use case framework (frequency, persistence/eldership). The duration of the project is estimated to be three months. The analyses will though be repeated annually in order to follow the evolving of new use cases and technologies and continually up-date the information about the RFID adoption.

The outcomes of the collaboration between GS1 Netherlands and the University of Parma will be contributing to acquire valuable insight into the deployment of the RFID in the Dutch fashion and apparel retail industry, important not only for RFID researchers but also for RFID practitioners.