RFID UHF technology has long been proved to be a powerful tool to reduce costs and cut inefficiencies, increase supply chain transparency, and boost retail sales up to 10% or more.
Apparel, fashion and retail industries are leading the adoption, however FMCG, food, healthcare and pharmaceutical, aviation and aerospace among others have shown multiple robust use cases and valuable ROIs for RFID adoption.
RFID Internet-of-Things connected more than 15 billion smart items in 2018.

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RFID Lab stems from long lasting research activities carried out at the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Parma.


Research activities encompass different topics of RFID applications to business processes, with a particular focus on business value of RFID…


The RFID barometer aims at providing an updated worldwide insight into RFID technology deployment in fashion and apparel retail. The barometer highlights…

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End users find in RFID lab a leading-edge support and leverage research outcomes.
All companies that need to increase real time product flow “visibility” and “traceability” throughout the supply chain all the way to the point of sale,
not only to reduce costs but also to boost sales, can substantially benefit from RFID technology implementation.