RFID IS the Internet of Things. A class for 24ORE Business School

Studying the impact and benefits of industry automation and supply chain digitization has never been more relevant and important than today.

Well aware of that, on the 14th of May the attendees of the Master Class in Industry 4.0 and SC management (24ORE Business School) all logged into the virtual classroom for a lesson on RFID.

Prof. Antonio Rizzi, holding the class, took the participants on a journey throughout the entire RFID space. From basic insights on the fourth industrial revolution to a detailed explanation of the internet of things and the RFID technology, Prof. Rizzi introduced the work and research projects carried out by the RFID Lab.

Thanks to the illustration of significant use cases and specific projects in the food, fashion and healthcare industry, the attendees learned how to gain value and important business insights with RFID.

RFID technology is a foundational and essential part of IoT and plays a crucial role for its future development. This particular moment in time has put the potential of IoT hence RFID in the spotlight most certainly accelerating its adoption throughout the entire supply chain. Discussing this and other related topics as well as sharing our knowledge, research and passion is always a great pleasure and food for thought and reflection.