Webinar on how RFID optimizes Asset Tracking

Prof. Antonio Rizzi will participate as speaker in the webinar RFID Asset Tracking hosted by Murata ID Solutions, that will be held on the 15th of February.

Keeping track of every single asset is a real challenge in many businesses. Whether the asset is big or small, changes hands every hour or every month, little or no visibility of its location and movement represents a consistent problem across all industries.

The Webinar RFID Asset Tracking: la chiave per processi più efficienti, sicuri e sostenibili will explore the opportunities related to the digitalization of Asset Tracking and, in particular, illustrate how RFID technology enables automatic identification, monitoring and tracking in real-time.

Maria Pavesi, Ricercatore Senior dell’Osservatorio Contract Logistics “Gino Marchet” del Politecnico di Milano, will discuss the importance of digitizing the logistics processes and in particular Asset Tracking.

Prof. Antonio Rizzi will thoroughly explain how RFID technology enables efficient real-time, accurate and punctual asset tracking.

Leading companies from different industries will also share how they have implemented RFID for asset tracking with the aim of reducing losses, time and costs, as well as optimizing the use and maintenance of every single asset.

The Webinar, which will be held in Italian is free!