Virtual Conference on Retail Technology

From generative AI and computer vision to IoT and RFID, the virtual Retail Technology Leadership Conference organized by Conversations on Retail will discuss the technology-based solutions that are driving the future of retail.

RFID Lab, represented by Prof. Antonio Rizzi, will deep dive the many opportunities offered by RFID in the retail sector. Over the last fifteen years, RFID has proven to be extremely valuable for retail brands for inventory accuracy and as cost reduction tool. Today the technology plays a key role in shaping new and innovative models capable of enhancing the shopping experience and satisfying the customer’s growing needs for convenience and flexibility.

By sharing research insights and real-world applications, Prof. Rizzi will illustrate how RFID enables inventory accuracy, replenishment from the backroom, visual merchandising but also how retailers are discovering new ways of using RFID to drive sales, enhance customer engagement and develop cross-channel selling opportunities.