Teatro Regio first in Italy to deploy RFID for stage asset tracking

Project by Teatro Regio di Parma in partnership with Murata ID Solutions and in collaboration with the RFID Lab of the University of Parma. The Internet of Things at the service of the artistic heritage of the Theatre.

Teatro Regio di Parma has introduced RFID technology to gain real-time visibility and control over valuable stage assets, produced in the last 30 years by the theatre. The technology is being used to optimise the logistics processes and improve storage and inventory management. RFID allows the theatre to identify exactly where each item is located, giving reassurance when valuable items are used in co-productions, moved in-house or rented out to other theatres. 

The pioneering project built around RFID technology provides a fast and accurate overview of the theatre’s sets and costumes while also tracking and tracing flows in real-time. The real-time visibility of the components and their location gained from the tracking data simplifies logistics processes and helps preserve the precious and valuable stage assets.

A pioneering project to safeguard a precious heritage

“Teatro Regio di Parma is completing an important digital innovation to streamline and improve the organisational and executive processes of our work”, says Anna Maria Meo General Manager of Teatro Regio di Parma. “Our productions, sets and costumes, produced by some of the world’s most important set and costume designers such as Dante Ferretti, Robert Wilson and Pier Luigi Samaritani, are extremely valuable and it is our responsibility as a productive institution to preserve this heritage for future generations to enjoy. Murata ID Solutions has allowed us to optimise the way in which we manage, store and transport our historic stage elements by providing us with accurate data in real time. We are now able to better protect every component and safeguard our assets when we co-produce, rent or sell commissioned sets”.

RFID Lab contributing with skills and knowledge

“RFID Lab contributed to the realization of the project by involving three graduating students from the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Parma. From the analysis and definition of the logistics processes to the extensive research, testing and selection of the RFID tags, our students had the opportunity to perform an internship at the Theater and carry out their thesis on the subject” comments Antonio Rizzi Professor of Industrial Logistics and Supply Chain Management “having the possibility to involve students in real projects is extremely valuable for us, especially when the projects are as innovative and pioneering as the Teatro Regio project.”