Join us at the RAIN Alliance European Meeting

RFID Lab at RAIN RFID event

The RAIN Alliance Meeting “Unlocking IoT with RAIN RFID” will take place in Wiesbaden in Germany from the 17th till the 19th of October 2023. The event is collocated with  Wireless IoT Tomorrow, Europe’s leading wireless IoT event.

When the RAIN Alliance European event takes off in less than a month, Prof. Antonio Rizzi will be among the speakers sharing the results of the research on RFID and sustainability conducted by RFID Lab in collaboration with Michigan State University’s Axia Institute .

He will illustrate the tool E-ROI (Environmental Return on Investment), developed during the research which measures the impact that RFID technology can have on environmental sustainability. He will share how the tool is being used and where E-ROI showed the positive environmental compensation of RFID in terms of number of trees saved on the supply chain.

Prof. Rizzi will also chair the end user workgroup on Tuesday 17th. This will be a private, invitation-only, half-day workgroup for end users of RFID technology, to explore issues related to supply chain planning, traceability, and real-time visibility.

Independently of the industry, RFID is the key enabler of the Internet of Things. The three-day event is dedicated to the sharing and discussion of innovative applications, success stories, and technical advances.