Il Giornale della Logistica writes about RFID Lab

rfid lab giornale della logistica

In an extended interview with Prof. Antonio Rizzi, the logistics and supply chain magazine Il Giornale della Logistica writes about RFID technology and RFID Lab’s history, mission and current research.

It takes a deep dive into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, that we are currently experiencing, discussing its positive impact on industries and businesses but also on the society and our way of living. Experts estimate that by 2020 more than 35 zettabytes of data are generated by devices on the field. An incredible amount of precious data that, when turned into useful information, can benefit society and the single individual.

The in-depth considerations in the interview reveal the foundational role RFID plays for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and discuss how the technology has evolved over the last decades and how it will develop in the future.

Prof. Antonio Rizzi takes us back to when it all began at the University of Parma, when RFID lab was founded and the RFID research took off. An incredible journey that has seen the RFID use cases increase year by year and the list of industries leveraging the technology in continuous growth.

The future has important technological developments in store for us, explains Prof. Antonio Rizzi, and we need to learn how to take full advantage of the opportunities. Doing research, sharing knowledge and skills are core activities at RFID Lab, that will continue to support companies in reengineering their processes to fully grasp the advantages offered by the many innovations. Starting from concrete data and results, RFID Lab will continue to create and spread culture.