RFID Lab at Logistics Forum in Gubbio

RFID Lab - Logistics Forum

Once a year logistics and supply chain leaders meet at Logistics forum in Italy, a two-days conference exclusively dedicated to the logistics industry. The conference, that offers a unique opportunity to gain insight on the industry’s challenges and needs, took place online in October this year.

Prof. Antonio Rizzi participated at the event as speaker discussing important topics such as the fourth industrial revolution, the Internet of Things and the pivotal role of RFID in the digitalization and optimization of the future supply chain.

His speech entitled RFID and the Internet of Things: The goods speak illustrated how the fourth industrial revolution, that we are experiencing now, is fundamentally different from the previous ones. It multiplies our cognitive capacities rather than the physical ones unlocking hitherto unexplored horizons. The Internet of Things is one of the technologies enabling this revolution.

Prof. Antonio Rizzi set out to explain how RFID is a foundational part of the Internet of Things and how the technology, when applied correctly, enables stakeholders in the supply chain to optimize processes, reduce costs and increase their turnover. The illustration of significant use cases and projects carried out by RFID Lab in the food, fashion and healthcare industry, showed how value is gained by important corporations thanks to IoT and RFID.

Today’s complex world and the covid-19 pandemic demand the supply chain to be flexible, transparent and resilient expediting the adoption of technologies such as IoT and RFID. Never before has it been so relevant and important to share, explain and reflect on the potentials of these technologies for the optimization of the supply chain.