RFID Lab at Axia Institute’s 2023 Value Chain Summit Event

RFID Lab will be present in Michigan in October for Axia’s annual Value Chain Summit Sustaining Success – Building a Resilient Value Chain Ecosystem.

Established by Michigan State University in 2013, the Axia Institute is a premier research and education center dedicated to developing effective and sustainable solutions to improve public and private value chains. RFID Lab is collaborating with Axia institute on RFID-related research.

The focus of Axia’s summit this year is to explore how to build risk and resilience into value chains, sustainability and RFID, as well as how new standards are driving sustainability across a range of industries. 

During the summit, Prof. Antonio Rizzi will illustrate the joint research program between Axia Institute and RFID Lab that has resulted in the development of a tool called E-ROI (Environmental return on investment) which measures the impact of RFID technology on environmental sustainability.

The tool, that was first presented during a conference on IoT and RFID in the Healthcare industry in Italy in May, measures the negative impacts of the RFID system (tag materials, emission and waste related to the production of the tags, the transportation of the tags etc) and compares them with the positive impacts related to the benefits obtained by the single RFID deployment (such as reduced shrinkage and losses, decreased transportation caused by errors and stock reduction and improved rates of reuse or recycling).