RFID End users

Thanks to its long-lasting partnership with Id-Solutions, the spinoff company of the University of Parma and system integrator in the RFID industry, RFID Lab can offer the following services to end users wishing to adopt RFID technology

  • Feasibility Study and Business Process Reengineering. RFID Lab works with the end users to reengineer “as is” processes and provide a “to be” RFID scenario. Processes are tackled from a hardware perspective (which RFID hardware for which process), a software perspective (integration with legacy systems) as well as from a managerial perspective (the new way of doing things). “To be” Capex and Opex are input into a parametric ROI calculator, that assesses the return on investments figures paving the way to a quantitative and objective evaluation of the RFID rollout.
  • Performance assessment. RFID Lab offers a fully equipped testing facility to perform tagged unit performance testing in a variety of supply chain conditions. Performance testing cover tag readability on specific items, cases or pallets. The adoption of Voyantic Tagsurance UHF equipment (https://voyantic.com/products/tagsurance-uhf) ensures reliability in test execution. RFID Lab also provides inlay testing in anechoic chamber.
  • Development of proof of concepts, pilot programs and full scale roll out and deployments. Thanks to the long-lasting partnership with Id-Solutions, RFID lab provides proof of concepts, pilots, all the way to full rollout RFID deployments.
  • KPI analysis AS IS vs TO BE scenarios. During implementation, RFID lab can work to engineer and measure a set of parameters to compare “as is” and “to be” scenarios and quantitatively assess the benefits of RFID adoption.