Murata ID Solutions

RFID Lab is powered by Murata ID Solutions (, Alliance Partner of the lab.

Murata ID Solutions is a solution supplier and system integrator specialized in RFID deployments across many industries (apparel and fashion retail, food, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, among others) and across many processes (retail, logistics and distribution, supply chain optimization, traceability, operations management).

Thanks to the background of a worldwide corporation such as Murata, Murata ID Solutions offers a broad portfolio of RFID products (software, hardware and tags) as well as related services. Today Murata ID Solutions manages more than 1000 RFID read points 7/24/365 worldwide, from Australia Asia, Europe and the Americas, in more than 200 facilities (factories, distribution centres, stores, etc.), to track 60M+ tags annually.

Founded as a spin off Company of the University of Parma in 2005, Murata ID Solutions has always supported the lab. Right from the very beginning the partnership, that still lasts today, proved to be successful for both parties.

Thanks to RFID Lab the University has fulfilled its mission of teaching and research, while Murata ID Solutions has developed, starting from the research projects supported in RFID Lab, a know-how of excellence that still distinguishes it today.

In order to valorize the lab’s origin and connection to the University, the Department made its facilities available and contributed with the management skills of the research group. Murata ID Solutions supplied the technical and economic resources for the functioning of the lab as well as the technical skills of software developers and hardware integrators.