Digital Event by GS1 Italy and RFID Lab

Digital Event | November 9th | 14.30 – 15.30 CET

In this digital event that will be held in live streaming from Interno 1, the space for innovation of GS1 Italy, RFID Lab together with GS1 will discuss the opportunities that RFID enables today in the light of its connotation in the IoT ecosystem. During the event experts from GS1 and RFID Lab will explain how the technology works and, thanks to use cases illustrated by those who have deployed, illustrate how to seize new opportunities related to the Internet of Things.

Digitization, process optimization and digital twin pass not only through RFID technology, but also and above all through the choice of the information to be shared.

The event is for those who are still unfamiliar with RFID but also for the ones that already use the technology and want to find out what’s new.

The event, that will be held mostly in Italian, will discover:

  • The relationship between IoT and RFID and how it has evolved.
  • The role of RFID technology in current and future scenarios.
  • The value of choosing a global and interoperable language like that of the GS1 standards.


  • Massimo Bolchini – standard development director, GS1 Italy
  • Matteo Di Fabio – distribution center manager, Bonterre
  • Tristan Finet – product identification technologies (RFID)/ traceability united, Decathlon Francia
  • Kazuna Kimura – researcher, solution services operation, RFID/digitalization group, GS1 Japan
  • Antonio Rizzi – full professor, industrial logistics & supply chain management, Università di Parma
  • Linda Vezzani – GS1 visibility and RFID standards specialist, GS1 Italy