24Ore Master Class visiting St. Elisabetta

Master Class RFID

On the 25th of November, the Master executive Class in Digital Supply Chain, Operations & Logistics from the 24ORE Business School visited Parma for a detailed lecture on IoT and RFID and technology’s pivotal role in optimizing logistics and supply chain processes.

After taking their seats in the auditorium of St. Elisabetta, Prof. Antonio Rizzi took the participants on a journey into the fascinating world of IoT and RFID technology. He thoroughly explained the technology’s evolution over the past decades, showing how tracking solutions based on RFID technology have become increasingly important for a wide range of business uses.

“It’s magic”, commented one of the participants as Prof. Rizzi showed and explained how the technology works, how it “gives life” to objects by linking them to their digital twins and enabling them to communicate their identity, origin and position.

Indeed, the unique identification and fully automatic and massive tracking of objects enabled by RFID open up to a variety of possible use cases. By deep diving specific projects in the food, fashion and healthcare industry, Prof. Rizzi introduced the class to how leading businesses gain valuable insights and significantly improve their supply chain and logistics processes with RFID.

Through live demos, Prof. Rizzi illustrated the potentials of RFID providing the class a hands-on opportunity to explore various implementations and the benefits they can yield.

Live Demo of RFID tracking system

The digitalisation of logistics and supply chain processes as well as the need to take data-drive decisions are becoming more and more important. RFID represents a significant opportunity for the optimization of logistics, it is always a pleasure for us to share and discuss how.