24ORE Business School – RFID, IoT and the digital supply chain

On Friday 22nd of January 2021, a Master Class in Digital Supply Chain, Operations and Logistics from 24Ore Business School logged onto the online classroom to learn about RFID, IoT and the digital supply chain.

From basic insights on the fourth industrial revolution to detailed explanations of IoT and RFID, Prof. Antonio Rizzi introduced the exciting and everchanging world of the technology. Taking the class through the work and research projects of the RFID Lab, Prof. Rizzi explained the continuously growing influence of RFID and IoT on the supply chain and the logistics processes.

By illustrating significant use cases and specific projects in the food, fashion and healthcare industry, the class was introduced to the great potential of RFID, how it can help gain valuable insights and significantly improve business processes.

The pandemic, still ongoing, has put the supply chain in the spotlight exposing vulnerabilities but also opportunities and strengths. It has become clear that a digital supply chain better responds to unexpected events because more resilient and flexible. During class it was discussed how RFID and IoT technologies can help reengineer the supply chain making it digital, safer and more efficient.

It is always a pleasure exchanging knowledge and experience, especially in this particular and constantly changing moment of time.