RFID high on the Agenda in Gubbio!

At the convention Richmond Logistics Forum IT Solutions, taking place in Gubbio from the 6th – 8th of July, Prof. Antonio Rizzi will share insights on RFID Technology explaining use cases and best practices.

Logistics relies on technology. The 2-days conference, exclusively dedicated to the logistics industry, presents IT solutions that help distribution centres and warehouses become transparent, manageable, scalable, safe, and competitive.

RFID technology enables the internet of things, making products, packaging and assets become alive, speak, and leave traces that allow logistics managers and operators to increase process efficiency, improve accuracy, reduce waste, and ensure traceability. During his speech, Prof. Antonio Rizzi will share different case studies of companies that every day use RFID tags on pallets, packages, recirculating assets to create value.

Richmond Logistics Forum IT Solutions is the perfect place to share knowledge and experiences, listen to the industry’s needs and learn from its top players.