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The RFID Lab helps companies carry out all of the following activities:

The RFID Lab can provide specialist RFID services such as technical requirements definition, testing, trials and assistance with pilots. For the other areas, RFID Lab can work with a company's preferred suppliers or provide guidance as to which of our partners can help.

When designing an RFID trial or pilot programme, independent advice and technical support is available from the RFID Lab which can provide technical guidance, expertise, equipment and facilities to:

Performance Appraisal

The RFID Lab offers testing facilities to perform tagged unit performance testing in a variety of supply chain conditions. Performance testing conducts appraisal of tag readibility on specific cases or pallets of goods and experiments with tag placement on products for consistency of readings in pilot experiment.

Testing may also be carried out in a comparative fashion, with a view to benchmark suppliers and evaluate their performances relative distance.

Potential benefits may arise for:

Compatibility and standardization

The exploitation of technology in the form of products and services invariably requires the support of standards. They facilitate compatibility and interoperability within the applications arena.

Standards are important to ensure safety and the interoperability of tags and readers across national boundaries and between trading partners. This is to ensure that data created in one place can be read and interpreted anywhere in the global supply chain.

Optimization of logistic processes is warranted provided that full interoperability of data identification and information exchange is ensured.

To this extent, RFID Lab aims at becoming an Accredited Test Center for the certification of sound hardware and software standardisation. As such, RFID Lab may also assess and certificate products against specific devices identified ad referring standards for benchamarking purposes.

Pilot Development

Looking to to produce commercially relevant results within feasible technical bounds, companies may be willing to undertake a small scale pilot or trial prior to any significant deployment or investment. A trial may prove to be effective in that it provides direct experience while minimising risk. Also it can turn to be a valuable tool for providing understanding of the resource requirements and benefits of further deployment.

In launching a trial or pilot the RFID components are usually subject to a mix of location specific and off-site controlled testing. The RFID Lab and its partners have specialist technical expertise as well as a brad range of technologies and facilities in these matters.

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