RFID Lab stems from multi-year research activities performed at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Parma. The lab focuses on exploring the applications of RFID technology and the EPC system to business processes.
Founded in 2006 by Prof. Antonio Rizzi, RFID Lab was the first Italian laboratory which tested RFID UHF class1 gen2 applications, and aims at becoming a main research center for RFID applications both in the Italian and international context.
Research activities, first focused on the food and fast moving consumer goods fields consumer, encompass several market segments, including, among others, paper, textiles, pharmaceuticals, health care and public administrations.
All the companies that experiencing significant issues in product flows “visibility” and “traceability” along the supply chain, involving inefficiency and waste, may substantially benefit from RFID technology implementation and research activities performed at the RFID Lab.
The RFID Lab technological partnership encompasses more than twenty companies, market leaders in their fields. The technology partners provide the hardware and software required for testing and experiments, and receive feedback on performance, compatibility and ease of integration of hardware and software solutions with business processes. A panel of leading user companies, mainly from the food and fast moving consumer goods fields, define the research activities of the RFID Lab, and benefit from the research results. Technology transfer allows those companies to maintain their competitive position through state-of-the art knowledge of RFID solutions.
Some of these companies, such as Apoconerpo, Conad, Nestle, also developed tailored research projects with the laboratory for specific purposes.

The laboratory is part of a network of international labs, including the Global Alliance Lab RF network, which is headed by Antonio Rizzi, founder and coordinator of RFID Lab, and the Auto-ID labs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

RFID Lab aims to become a national benchmark for:

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