Extensive and higly customisable training programms are offered to students as well as companies interested in exploiting RFID potential. As for the former, RFID Lab will offer training services to students enrolled in undergraduate as well as post-graduate programmes.

The RFID Lab offers training courses held at our Campus training facilities. The courses are aimed at staff from companies, group, or members of a trade association and typically comprise between 6 and 24 attendees.

The advantage of training at the RFID Lab is that we can uniquely offer a mix of practical hands-on experiments, test work and demonstrations of RFID in action to compliment traditional classroom learning.

RFID Lab has launched the “RFID Value” and “RFID Technology” short courses, both in collaboration with Cegos, and targeting company's staff and executives.

RFID Lab can offer courses tailored to a specific company, profession or sector including:

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